Saturday, 24 January 2009

Cute, cute, cute ...

Don't you just love this fabric? It's from a range by Lori Gardiner for Moda called "Sleepytime" - even the name is cute. If you look closely you'll see it's lots of little dogs, cats, bunnies, lambs, monkeys and frogs all in their PJs!

As you may know my sister gave birth to her second child on 9 January - a beautiful baby boy, and the first boy on this side of the family.

I feel a need to make a quick and easy cot quilt but it's so much harder to find nice fabrics that suit boys. Girls are easy as there are flowers aplenty and while I could find ranges that would be great for older boys - Thomas the Tank Engine, space, sport, cars, dinosaurs - not much for the young baby boy around town!

So I'm going with Sleepytime which I hope is suitably unisex although it does have a bit of pink in it. I'm pairing it with another two coordinating prints, a green, a yellow stripe and an equally cute blue with lthe alphabet on it.. With so much else on the go and a baby that is growing fast, this will be a quick quilt of 4" squares in a 7 by 8 square setting with a simple border.

Let's hope this one gets finished before he starts school ...