Monday, 19 January 2009

Patchwork Party ... Part 2

Well I managed to restrain myself from signing up to do the Autumn 2007 party but then along came Spring 2008 - must be something to do with spring fever!! Note to self: Do not even look at the Spring 2009 party!

Like many people I just fell in love with the Minck and Simpson Prairie Paisley range that was being used and just couldn't resist. These beautiful fabrics just seemed to whizz off the shelves when they were first released and it’s no wonder.

The finishing kit I opted for this time was a combination of pieced and appliqué blocks so rather than do all the piecing and then be faced with doing 9 identical appliqué blocks one after the other I decided to alternate between pieced and appliqued. I've now completed 7 pieced blocks and 6 appliquéd. This photo of the finished quilt doesn't do it justice but will give you the general idea.

But you know how it goes … the lure of new projects! I also had a rotary cutting incident which meant that I didn’t have enough of the green Moda marble that is used in the blocks. None of the local shops stock a good range of these marbles so I couldn’t get a replacement and I was reluctant to buy online as I wasn’t confident of getting the right match. At a show last Autumn I gave a swatch to the owner of a shop that is around 60 miles away and they left a message saying they had it in stock. I did phone back to place an order but they never returned my call which is so frustrating.

Thinking about it another quirk of my quilting behaviour is that I get totally caught up in a project that I do it non-stop over a very intensive period and then get fed up of the sight of it. I think the key message is that I should try to rotate through a small number of projects rather than focus on one. There is a system called the power of ten that I will post on later which may help people in the same position.

These blocks have been on my design wall (aka the flannel sheet pinned to the kitchen wall) since around Easter. The fabrics are very different from those from the previous year and it’s another of those on-point settings that I seem have developed a like for recently. It would be a shame if it doesn’t get finished so this is another one for the priority list.

The only other issue is that I didn’t buy any border or backing fabrics at the time and the range is pretty much sold out in the US now, although it s still available at some UK shops. First item on the agenda should be to sit down and calculate home much fabric I’ll need to complete it. If all else fails and I’m not able to get more of the Prairie Paisley Minck and Simpson have other ranges out that seem to be in same colour way so I could probably find a good match in terms of style and colour.