Monday, 23 February 2009

Batik Butterflies

After talking about applique in the last posting I thought it was about time I introduced you to the applique quilts on my list of things to be getting on with.

This beauty was a BOM from a fantastic online fabric shop in the UK called The Contented Cat. If you're looking for fabrics with cats on them this is the place to look.

I believe it originated in the US and it was great fun to do. I love hand applique and having a little package arrive in the mail each month was fantastic ... and I didn't even have to think about the fabric choices as it was all done for me.

It ground to a halt when I reached the border stage. If I remember rightly you were able to choose either a purple or a blue batik border and I opted for purple. I'd seen the original version from the US which had a lovely bright purple border but when the material arrived it was more of a red wine colour which didn't really appeal to me. The simple solution would have been to choose a new border material on my own and add the original one to the stash but BOMs are more expensive in this country than in the US and at that time the budget wouldn't stretch any further.

So I haven't done any work on this project for around two or three years. Looking at it now I realise I still have some antennae to embroider and a gremlin to sort out. If you look closely at the top picture, centre bottom picture you might see where I had a cutting accident on the batik border that didn't repair too well. I think I'll need to take these blocks apart and change the batik triangle. A bit of work I know but I'll be happier with the final result.
I'm not sure what I'll do with quilt when it is eventually finished. It's not big enough to put on the bed but too big for a wall-hanging. I always planned to hand quilt this one so I'll have plenty of time to make up my mind {grin}.

I have another BOM from this store and will post some photos next time around.