Monday, 23 March 2009

The problem with magazines ... and Tulips in the Park

Isn't it funny how your taste changes over the years? I'm on holiday from work at the moment and taking advantage of my time off to do some spring cleaning and organising my sewing stuff. One dilemma that remains is what to do with the multitude of magazines that I seem to have accumulated.

Some live in binders but even these are now multiplying. Others, predominantly the US magazines, lie loose in a number of plastic crates. Of course I can't find a particular edition or pattern when I need to. In fact I have one UFO based on a magazine pattern and can't do anything with it until I track down the particular magazine where it came from. Talk about needle in a haystack!

Some people I've spoken to seem happy to rip out articles and patterns of interest to store in binders and either pass on or throw out the magazine {gasps at the sacrilege}. At various times in the past I've marked patterns that I liked but looking at them now the majority don't appeal any more. If I'd torn them out then instead of marking the pages they would no longer be of any use and there are others which I do now like but did not at the time. So you see ... a catch 22 situation and one which I still have no answer to as the magazines pile up around me.

And so back to the quilts or more precisely Tulips in the Park. This was another BOM and is a Piece O' Cake design. Now this has been sitting on the shelf for about four and a half years and you know what, it doesn't really do anything for me any more. My taste has changed and while I still like the designs, the fabrics choices don't make my heart sing. There are still three blocks left to be done not to mention an appliqued border and the quilting.

The question is ... is there anything I can do to salvage it? Is it worth the time I would have to invest in getting it finished? Or should I accept that this is never going to be done and pass it onto someone who will love it in a way that I don't at the moment? More questions without answers!