Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The sad tale of Patchwork Puss

As I mentioned I am on leave from work this week and catching up on appointments and household tasks.

One of the least pleasant of these was to take Millie aka the Patchwork Puss to the vet. Both my cats are getting on in years now and while she has always been a small cat she has lost some weight over the past year which I put down to her being very picky with her food. The vet said that if she lost any more weight we should do some investigations. So when she had her 6-month health check recently and was down to 3.4kg it wasn't good news.
Over the last two weeks she has had a blood test (liver enzymes elevated), thyroid test (normal),a urine test (normal) and yesterday a liver function test and ultrasound.
The results are not good showing extensive liver damage which could be the result of a number of things from an infection or inflammation through to the big C. So we're on a course of antibiotics for the next 14 days followed by another blood test to see if the results have improved. Fingers crossed it is an infection and the antibiotics will help. If not the next step is steroids in case it is an inflammation causing the problem. Every time I think about what might happen I get all weepy. At the moment she's still a bit groggy from the sedation and traumatised from her experience. And needless to say she's not very happy with her mum! I think I need to occupy myself with some sewing to take my mind off things, not least the vet bill!