Monday, 2 November 2009

Not so sleepytime Sam!

Well let's fast forward past the last six months or so! My lack of quilting mojo turned into a desert wasteland and there was little or no sewing going on in my house other than the occasional button.

But .... and I'm almost scared to say this out loud in case I jinx myself ... I think that I'm back!

I've been sewing, and miracle of miracles we have a finish. Yes people I can report that Sleepytime Sam is complete and has gone to its new home. I have no photo to prove this as there was a distinct lack of blogging going on at the time but I'll try and get one from the new owner.

I've also been done some hand piecing and it's reminded me how much I prefer this to machine piecing. Now I'm enjoying my patchwork rather than it being a chore. Look out for the next posting on my prairie paisley blocks.