Friday, 13 November 2009

A Patchwork Puss update

Well it's eight months on since the Patchwork Puss was found to have liver disease. Since then we've had a number of medication regimes with varying degrees of success. At the moment we are on steroids which can do wonder for aging cats ... when you can get them down their throats, which is another matter ... and an alternative remedy to promote liver regeneration.

Her last set of blood tests showed marked improvements in her liver function but she is not eating enough food to maintain her weight so that is a worry. At the moment we're on a low steroid dose and I'm hoping that the vet will increase them on our next visit. When she was a higher dose she ate ravenously and got back to her normal weight.

In the meantime I try to enjoy every day that I still have her, as that is a blessing. Thank you for all your kind thoughts.